Join Our Volunteer Program

It was developed to provided assistance to the long-term monitoring, tagging, in-situ egg incubation, research and conservation for sea turtles. This unique program will provide opportunities to public community around the globe to experience and get close up with Sea Turtles. The volunteer programs runs annually from March to October depends on monsoon season weather.

Turtle / Nest Adoption

Since 1993, SEATRU has worked hard in gathering data on the nesting turtles of Chagar Hutang. Every individual turtle received their own Turtle ID; which helped SEATRU monitor the turtle’s nesting activity. The Turtle Adoption program was initiated to help share what SEATRU knows about these turtles and at the same time offers the public a way to contribute to SEATRU.
Every adoption will come with an e certificate and reports on your turtle nesting activities. See how times they nested, how many eggs they laid, how many hatchlings and more!

Buy Our Merchandise

All of our merchandise are made and sourced locally, as Terengganu is not only home to iconic sea turtle species but has historically been a source of beautiful cultural heritage, especially handmade batik.
Since now is the time more than ever to shop local, your purchase of SEATRU merchandise not only helps support our conservation project, but also helps continue cultural craftsmanship traditions that span generations.