Volunteer Program
- Since 1998

Volunteer Program - Since 1998


The volunteer programs runs annually from March to October depends on monsoon season weather. Each volunteer slots are one week duration (Saturdays to Saturdays) limited to 10 people (will change according to the situation).


Volunteers are the backbone of SEATRU to sustain sea turtle conservation project at Chagar Hutang Turtle Sanctuary, Redang Island, Terengganu since 1998. It was developed to provided assistance to the long-term monitoring, tagging, in-situ egg incubation, research and conservation for sea turtles. This unique program will provide opportunities to public community around the globe to experience and get close up with the beautiful ancient living creature (green and hawksbill turtles) and other wildlife in their natural habitat. We constantly seek volunteers with passion, drive and professionalism to support our project.

  Exclusive Exprience

  • Get closed to Sea Turtles
  • Get closed to Nature
  • Milky Way Stargazing
  • Sleeping under exquisite night sky
  • Hiking on exclusive Turtle Rock
  • Perceive the alluring Sunrise on the hill
  • Cleaning your feet at fascinating Prawn Spa
  • Snorkeling in crystal clear water
  • Skin diving on dazzling Coral Reef 
  • Participate in a research with sea turtles scientist

What Volunteers Says:

Wanie Azwani
Wanie Azwani@wanie.azwani.95
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The rare opportunity came after you overslept and missed your night patrol shift 😂
Nazir Harith Fadzilah
Nazir Harith Fadzilah
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Spending our week of Ramadan volunteering for turtle conservation program at Chagar Hutang, Redang Island.
Yunna Tan
Yunna Tan
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Every night we put the heavens as the earth as our bed, lay on the beach watching the stars full of heaven, listening to the sound of the waves and the bugs whispering in the soft moonlight, and the little drops here become the most Good memories stardust 🙂
黄晓涵 Harn
黄晓涵 Harn@djxiaohan
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The scenery there is stunning, still amazing to this day!
Henry Ang
Henry Ang@thisishenryang
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Every day and night we: ☑️ Petrol for mother turtle landing ☑️ Ensure the hatchling born ☑️ Take selfies with the cute hatchling ☑️ Nest checking ☑️ Stargazing ✨ ☑️ Sleep on the beach
Nang Li Gen
Nang Li Gen@nang.ligen
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Umt Seatru Volunteer Program✔.... In isolated places, I miss the days of doing things and playing with you guys.
Chung Kian Sing
Chung Kian Sing@ckiansing
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10 volunteers from various part of Malaysia. All with one mission to contribute to turtle conservation.
Ezra Tan
Ezra Tan@EzraTanKH
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If any of you want to take a break and be a Ninja Turtle, you may want to consider this college plan: Sea Turtle Research Unit-UMT
Sleng Wong
Sleng Wong@sleng2
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Really glad I finally got to see you guys 😁😁... As soon as it opens, the slots will be snatched! So if you are interested, you are welcome to visit Seatru Facebook, as well as the official web site.
AppleChow Yi Han
AppleChow Yi Han@applechow89
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Never regret in this awesome volunteer program .. Will back again !!
Kelvin Lim
Kelvin Lim@kelvin.lim.9615
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I hope this peaceful sandy beach will continue to carry on the mission of conservation of the sea turtle, and may all those who have worked hard here be safe and happy.
Yit Siew Lee
Yit Siew Lee@yitsiew
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The scenery at the top of the mountain is really beautiful, with no sight, looking to the left to the west, you can see Pulau Perhentian, looking to the right to the east of the sunrise.
Aidil Akim
Aidil Akim@aidil.akim.1
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4 days 3 nights at turtle sanctuary, pulau redang was full of wonderful experiences and the best part is its line free. Terputus seketika dgn dunia luar. Just do your daily routine and enjoy. Tenang. ✌️
Shahrul Azwan
Shahrul Azwan@shahrul.azwan.79
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🐢🐢🐢... repeat? Definitely....
Faiza Zuhaimi
Faiza Zuhaimi
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Indahnya ciptaan Illahi, Semoga berkesempatan lagi ke sini..
Goh Chee Keong
Goh Chee Keong@goh.c.keong.5
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现场观看海龟下蛋是非常奇妙的体验。海龟蛋和乒乓球一模一样。 摄于 热浪岛海龟保育中心
Mohd Nur Aiman
Mohd Nur Aiman@mohd.nuraiman.58
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Watching this process gave me such deeper appreciation for what they have to go through just to preserve their species.
Adlina Zohari
Adlina Zohari@adlina.zohari
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I am pledging from here on out to say #TakNakTelurPenyu
Haoyee Ng
Haoyee Ng@haoyee_
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Biggest reason to go back to Chagar Hutang, Terengganu: zero light pollution. As you lay down on the beach, listening to the turtles crawling up the sand with the wind whistling behind, look up to the night sky and witness a blanket of a trillion stars.