Be Our Volunteer and Get Involve in Our Newest Project!

Experience Chagar Hutang like you never before! SEATRU in collaboration with Dsidia Studio is bringing you Volunteer Experience to your smartphone. That right! We’re building a game!

Turtle Cove

Turtle Cove set place in our Chagar Hutang Turtle Sanctuary. The aim of the games is to provide players a virtual experience of learning and volunteering without having to set foot in Chagar Hutang.
The game features:
– Exciting Minigames
– Cool facts
– Real life digital design of Chagar Hutang Turtle Sanctuary!
– and many more coming!

How to be a part of the program?

You just have to register with us by filling the forms below. Then you can download our .apk files and install the game to your phone.

Once you have joined our Beta Tester Group, you will be email a feedback forms for you to fill up based on the gaming experience. We will be updating the game version based on your feedback!

Each version of the game released will be focused only on several features. For example, Version 1.0 will be focusing on the gameplay experience from the minigames, movement of the characters and camera and overall interface.

Version 1.0 information

Version 1.0 will be focusing on these several features and aspects of the game:

– Minigames Gameplay
– Camera and Character Movements
– Overall Interface

Please enjoy the beta version and provide us with constructive feedback for the first version in the emailed feedback forms.

Thank you for joining our Beta Tester Program!

Fill in the form below to DOWNLOAD the game .apk

Registration will be open soon!
Stay tuned!