Dimensions of Digging Formation in Sea Turtle Hatchling during Nest Escape

This study aimed to measure the dimensions of digging formations by green sea turtle hatchlings while escaping the nest. It also examined the effect of clutch sizes on these digging formations.

Freshly laid sea turtle nests were transferred into chambers and had gas sampling tubes placed amongst its eggs to allow for a continuous flow of oxygen throughout incubation. The incubation chambers were periodically X-rayed to observe the dimensions of the hatchlings’ digging formations. Upon emerging form the nest, a sample of hatchlings had their body morphometries and self-righting times measured. All hatchlings were then released to the ocean at the nearby Batu Rakit beach.

UMT’s in-house radiologist, Mr. Irwan Iskandar Jusoh, assists with the setup of the X-ray machine at the University Health Center

Two turtle hatchlings are digging their way up the sand-filled experimental chamber