Young Conservationists Programme

Young Conservationists programme

“Young Conservationist Program (YCP)” is an undergraduate student movement in UMT, where SEATRU seeks students that have potential to influence others and help by grooming them to enhance their skills in term of being a better conservationist.

SEATRU founded YCP, with ultimate visions of;

  • To spread awareness regarding our marine environment’s status to public
  • To raise voices for the unspoken marine animals to public
This program started with a campaign regarding educating students and staffs to refuse plastic straws in campus. Straw Wars is a first ever movement of refusing plastic straws in campus throughout universities in Malaysia.
This long-term movement is continuously supported from lecturers, staffs and students, where we start by saying NO to plastic straws on every Sunday, and eventually it became a habit for us to keep on refusing it. This movement was recognized from UMT’s Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellors, and School Deans
Plastic straw is a huge contributor for single-usage pollution in the environment. We used it once for only 20 minutes & throw it away on earth forever!
Thus, we campaign for the refusal usage of plastic straws, not because of the straw itself. We are educating the public to avoid single use of plastic. It is late for a change. BUT IT IS NOT TOO LATE. Say No to PLASTICS!