Kem Si Penyu (Turtle Camp)



Turtle Camps called “Kem Si Penyu” is conducted especially for the Year 5 primary students of Sekolah kebangsaan Pulau Redang. These camps are carried out annually to provide opportunity to the children of Redang Island to learn more about sea turtles as well as to expose them to the sea turtle conservation and research conducted by Universiti Malaysia Terengganu. Initiated since 1996, these camps are partially sponsored by The Taaras Redang Resort (formerly known as Berjaya Redang Resort) and Laguna Redang Island Resort.

The children will be divided into small groups of about ten to 15 students per session to spend two days and one night at Chagar Hutang Turtle Sanctuary. Here, they learn about sea turtles and the need to conserve them in a “fun” and informal manner – watching nesting activities and emergence of hatchlings, and engaging in turtle learning activities. SEATRU believes very strongly in education at the grassroots level. In addition to camps for the local kids, SEATRU also organize camps for local and international schools, however it will be upon request and all expenses will be bound by the schools. Previously, we had organised turtle camps for Mont’ Kiara International School, Fairview International School and the International School of Kuala Lumpur.