The 350m long nesting beach at Chagar Hutang. (Photo credits: PinShang)

Leatherback turtles

Nest primarily on the mainland beaches of Terengganu especially along a 15 km  stretch of beach centered at Rantau Abang, Terengganu.

Green turtles

Most widely distributed sea turtle species in Malaysia.  Major nesting sites in the peninsula occur on Perhentian and Redang Islands off Terengganu, and mainland beaches of  Terengganu at Penarik, Kemaman and Kertih. Nestings also occur in Pahang at Chendor and  Cherating, and Perak at Pantai Remis.  In East Malaysia, nestings occur on the Sarawak Turtle Islands, the Turtle Islands of Sabah and on Sipadan Island.

Hawksbill turtles

Nestings are known to occur in Terengganu, Johore, Malacca and Sabah.  They also nest in Sarawak and probably in Pahang, Kedah and Kelantan. However, no  reliable estimates of nesting density are available.

Olive-Ridley turtles

The nesting status of olive-ridleys is fragmentary with records available only for Terengganu, Kelantan and Penang.  Nesting has been recorded in Sabah and Sarawak but the numbers are probably insignificant.